Chaga Tincture

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Icecube’s Chaga Tincture is triple extracted and blackberry infused for the highest quality. It also contains cinnamon, cloves and birch bark.

Chaga is packed with antioxidants shown to reduce oxidative stress. It also contains a wide array of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Some research suggests that chaga may help regulate the production of cytokines, the immune systems chemical messengers that play a vital role in stimulating white blood cells and controlling inflammation.

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More Info:

*Northern Minnesota’s finest chaga now available in tincture form – great for those on the go!

  • A generous TRIPLE extraction method is used to maximize its effectiveness
  • Pure, Northwoods Chaga
  • Sold in a 2 oz. food-grade bottle
  • Icecube is licensed by the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture, bonded, and fully insured
  • Non-potable
Handmade in the beautiful Northwoods of Remer, Minnesota, this is our tincture recipe infused with all-natural wild chaga! Take five to fifteen drops per day – use sublingually. With approximately 30 servings per bottle, you get a month’s worth of nature’s finest Chaga in super-concentrated form. Makes a great gift, too. Ingredients: chaga, cinnamon, cloves, blackberries and 30% grain alcohol.

natural chaga tincture
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2 reviews for Chaga Tincture

  1. Milo T.

    The flavor is fantastic and the shipping was seriously, next day. These folks seriously know what they’re doing and I look forward to supporting them in the future!

  2. Shelley Johnson (verified owner)

    This Chaga has significantly changed my husband’s life. He has arthritis and since he has been taking this, he is able to move more freely and with a lot less pain. This works better than any other arthritis remedy he has tried.

    • Icecube

      Awesome Shelly! I am so glad to hear our product is helping. Thank you for sharing!

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