Pure Minnesota Birch Chaga

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1 pound of 100% pure Minnesota Birch Chaga. Gluten Free.

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1 pound of 100% pure Minnesota Birch Chaga. Gluten Free.

Chaga has proven itself to be one of nature’s oldest, safest, and most powerful medicinal full spectrum extraction mushrooms, that stimulates the body to heal itself.

  • Icecube uses only wild harvested Chaga from the pristine forests of Northern Minnesota. We use sustainable harvesting practices to encourage regrowth of the Chaga.

Please keep in mind that as with some natural remedies, Chaga is a detoxifier. There may be initial symptoms such as headaches, cold sores or mild diarrhea. This is just your body cleaning itself out.

Please do not use this product if you are currently on antibiotics or taking glucose intravenously. Please do your own research and proceed appropriately.

Icecube Enterprises complies with all aspects of the MN Dept. of Health, and is licensed by the MN Dept. of Agriculture.

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Weight 16 oz

1 review for Pure Minnesota Birch Chaga

  1. todd (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 4 different vendors’ wild-harvested raw chaga. Honestly I can’t tell a big difference in quality among them: all seem fine: this too. What I’m sure of is that this is an exceptionally good value. I’m very surprised to see it on sale from the already low price. I stocked up! Good stuff.

    It’s a good grind consistency to use in an espresso percolator. Leaving the “puck” moist in the extractor cup, I can run several passes of water through it over as many days, with only a slow decline in extraction strength. The first 2 passes are black as tar, calling for dilution, but strong is good too when you turn to chaga for support as a cold seems to be setting in, with tapering strength over the next days.

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