A Quadrennial Post

I was snooping around the website today and realized something. There hasn’t been a post since 2016. So I thought I would put a few thoughts down. You know… to keep things fresh!

I’m sitting here thinking back to that first post…. My goodness how we have grown since then.
We started in the back corner of our shop, grinding and bagging Chaga, with Chaga dust EVERYWHERE!
Then we rented an old office next door, made a clean room out of it and did our processing there. We outgrew that quite quickly, purchased a building down the street, using the back 1/3rd for a bigger clean room. Sold that building, bought one just outside of town, which we will be in for quite sometime.

We started by selling Chaga in bulk, chunked and coarse ground. Since then we have expanded into 20 different triple extracted tinctures, and the list continues to grow. We sell retail and wholesale now with about 15 or so natural food Co-ops through out MN. Which is a great Segway into what I really wanted to talk about today… WHOLESALE!

The reason for the topic of Wholesale, is simply this. I’m getting a significant amount of calls asking how much they have to buy to get a discount. My problem is I have a fantastic memory, but it is sadly very short. So, long story shorter… I’ve ended up with a variety of deals which none are remotely consistent with another. so in order to maintain some semblance of sanity, I have settled upon this idea. I will be using a company called ABOUND, who will process our new wholesale accounts.

ABOUND has graciously given a deal to new accounts who sign up with them.
#1. $100.00 off your 1st order
#2. a generous 45 day net. (they take all major Credit Cards and PayPal)
#3. and FREE shipping for a whole year.
Not a bad deal!
There will be a 12 tincture minimum, which you can mix and match. Just contact me through the ABOUND messaging system as to how you want to break it down.
Also check out the ICE PACK, our small business starter kit which includes 3# of ground Chaga and 12 tinctures, only $197.00.
So where can you find this fabulous deal? Right here my friend:

Thank you for taking time to read this. We should really keep in touch more often!


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