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Chaga Health Benefits — the FDA doesn’t want me writing this!

It’s a shame, isn’t it?

That today, the most powerful forces in America are preventing me from telling you what chaga can do for your health.

It’s a shame, isn’t it?

That today, more and more people are desperate for easy money obtained through frivolous lawsuits, preventing me from telling you that same thing.

It’s a shame!

This is the thing that so many people don’t want me talking about. Weird, huh?

But you know something? People far more brave than I have publicly blogged, raved, and cherished the healing powers of chaga. A simple Google search will yield thousands of accounts, both ancient and modern, heralding this precious mushroom.

So today I invite you to go ahead, read the scientific reports that chronicle anticancer effects of the fruiting body of chaga. Watch the countless personal accounts on YouTube that speak of healing, growth, and personal enjoyment of life once again, and tell me…Are you ready to try our original chaga tincture yet? It just might be the best health investment you’ll make…But don’t tell the FDA I said that. 🙂

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